Heritage Society/The Stokes Fund

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The Stokes Endowment Fund

Since the 1970’s, Palatine Township Senior Citizens Council (PTSCC) has provided programs and services which support the independence and well-being of older adults and promote their participation in the community.

By giving to The Stokes Endowment Fund, your gift/pledge will help ensure that PTSCC’s interests extend into the future and provide much needed support for older adults in our community.

A gift of any amount is accepted and you can arrange to make a ‘planned gift’ or a cash donation during or after your lifetime.  A ‘planned gift’ simply means making a pledge to remember PTSCC in your will or estate plan.    

The PTSCC Heritage Society is designed to recognize those who remember PTSCC through a ‘planned gift’ and for those who have given a one-time gift of $250 or more to The Stokes Endowment Fund.

Leave Your Legacy-It’s time to take the next step to plants seeds for the future!

  1. Contribute a gift of any amount to the endowment for possible tax advantages.
  2. Contribute a one-time gift of $250 or more to the endowment to be part of the Heritage Society.  
  3. Include a simple bequest in your Will or Trust Agreement.
  4. Leave a percentage of your estate, instead of dollar amount, to PTSCC.
  5. Designate PTSCC as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, or Charitable Remainder Trust (which pays a set income to you or those you name, before PTSCC receives the remainder), or Charitable Lead Trust (which pays income to PTSCC for a period of years before you or your heirs receive the remainder).

The Heritage Society - For planned gifts & one-time gifts of $250 or more to The Stokes Endowment Fund.

Membership Benefits

  1. Possible tax advantages
  2. Certificate of membership
  3. Listed in our annual report
  4. Listed in our quarterly Happenings newsletters.
  5. Honored on a permanent plaque located at PTSCC.
  6. Special recognition as a guest to an annual PTSCC event.

Heritage Society Honor Roll of Donors

Thanks to the following donors:

Robert* and Martha Atherton

Michael and Ann Babiarz

BMO Harris Bank

Helen Callahan*

Cornerstone National Bank & Trust Company

Patric and Sarah Donahue

Donelda Danz

The Fay Family

Richard and Jane Hollander

Gloria Kinney

Louis and Mary Kittler

Jack A. and Linda C. Lloyd

John and Marilyn McCord

Donald* and Natalie* Nii

Melvin and Judiann Quinn

Carol and Dennis Reagan

David F. Schultz Associates, Ltd.-Church Architects

Sheila and Selwyn Schwartz

Peggy Simonsen

Lee* and Rembert Stokes

Frank and Mary Szuch

Mary Tarbit

*In memoriam

To discuss the Heritage Society or other ways to give to The Stokes Endowment Fund, please contact Carol Reagan at (847) 991-1112.